What is Medipim?

At present, the Medipim database contains information about approximately 130,000 current articles such as medicines and parapharmaceutical or cosmetic products. By collating and combining various medical databases, the content on the Medipim platform is updated and extended on a daily basis.

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Searching for products on the Medipim platform

Through the user-friendly interface, you can easily trace a specific product, based on a category, a keyword or any attribute.

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Consult product information

For every product, Medipim has detailed information available: General information like price, codes, category, measurements; Specific information: description, symptoms/ indication , usage; Imagery: pictures, folders, website, videos

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Integrate Medipim in other applications

Thanks to the extensive API, the database can also be integrated in any open or closed platform, such as your software package, web shop, website or app. The only condition for using Medipim is that you are a medical professional.

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Subscriptions start at 79 € per year

With a fixed yearly fee, you have access to the largest, most complete medical database in Belgium, that contains the most up-to-date product information. Medipim offers high quality for an affordable price. You can easily find the product you are looking for, whether you’re using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

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